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NeurOptimal® and hair treatment

Non-invasive, safe & confortable neuro feedback training for your brain.

Get your emotions in order and brighten your cognitive abilites in a 30 minutes session, while your hair is getting regeneration mask or coloring.

We've teamed up with Federica Gianotti, italian psychologist, psychotherapist and also neuroscience enthusiast. 

When you order Neuroptimal® treatment, Federica will come to studio, tell you a bit about this interesting neuro invention and apply it on you for 30 min sessions while your hair waits for color or regeneration.


During this time you will experience calm music with neuro stimuls that works on the central nerves system base. Basically, you will just relax for 30 minutes while your brain gets neuro training and your hair treatment.


For Federicas time and Neuroptimal® technology you will be charged additional 1.500 CZK and trust us it is worth it.

We recommend NeurOptimal® especially when you need to relax, need to get new impulses or perspectives, want to push your mind to new limits & need to be more focused or ready for some upcoming challenges. 

Please order NeurOptimal® after your official hair booking and count with the "final procedure" time as NeurOptimal® goes nicely with the last moments when your hair is relaxing before blowdrying.

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Our entrance is from beergarden PARK Riegrovy sady.

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