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Do you know how many times clients come just to cry and talk?

Your inputs might help them.

Join the Hair & Mind magazine initiative!


We decided to start a very specific project. Project based on the connection between hair&mind. Project inline with our natural tendency to self-identify as someone through our looks, but highlighting the wider space behind. 

As your hairdressers, we've heard some shit.

It's very much usual to share your problems, frustrations or challenges. And as hairdressers we need to pay specific attention to bring you a safe space, wellness for your mind and pure joy of feeling beautiful after appointment.


We do respect the "patient - doctor" protocol. However each of our client is actually incredibly amazing and inspirational person.

That is why we decided to start project of our Magazine covers. 

We will be asking our regular clients to participate in this initiative and we very much encourage even new clients to take the step forward. 


What do you need to do to participate? 

1. Book yourself an appointment, claim your wish to participate out loud and sign a GDPR form

2. Let us get your portrait picture (we will do just a little basic edits, no Photoshoping)

3. Send your details to, the voluntary information are:
- your name / nickname or even indian name, your Instagram @
- personal motto or strongest values
- your brief career or personal path, struggles or most important moments in life
- your opinion on how your hair affects your life
-  your message to other clients, either inspirational or simple advice you learned in your path

And the final product?

We'll make your own magazine Hair&Mind cover, share it with you and the world.

To share the stories and supportive message of our lovely clients.
To inspire clients in the studio, who come for a fresh self-esteem kick and will leave with much more. 
To remind all of us that our life journey teaches us things we should share with others - you never know when your wrap-up will resonate to somebody in need of it. 

And finally, to push all of the amazing people to magazine cover without actual need of being celebrities.

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Our entrance is from beergarden PARK Riegrovy sady.

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